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About Us

The Kerna Platform and Services Menu are Designed from the Ground-up for Connected Care

Kerna Health is focused on key disease management and large data development that can drive

  • Actionable alerts
  • Prevention measures
  • Better patient outcomes and user experience
  • Healthcare cost reduction

The Kerna Health Market Segment Focus

Our Key Disease-State Focus

  • Actionable alerts
  • Prevention measures
  • Better patient outcomes and user experience
  • Healthcare cost reduction

Our Market Segment Focus

  • Physician Groups
  • Hospitals/Acute Care
  • Long term care
  • Home health
  • Payers (Medicare, private insurance, self-insured)
  • Growth-oriented diversity market segment patient groups

Our Clients Are Our Partners

Kerna Health’s technology-enabled healthcare offering uses data-driven and automated online patient services. We integrate those offerings with clinical resources and support, providing and unparalleled depth of service across a specified but broad patch of the healthcare market.

We currently are building partnerships with our clients in key parts of the health ecosystem including:

  • Hospital In-house Doctor Practices
  • Hospital Discharge Departments
  • Long Term Care and Acute Care Facilities
  • Home Health

  • ACO’s
  • PBM Organizations
  • Health Plans
  • Self-insured organizations
  • Physician practices in select practice areas


We call it the Kerna Health Patient Journey

Kerna Health’s powerful, online, and state-of-the-art software platform connected with a personal-touch clinical staff network

Our proprietary virtual care platform provides unique and scalable end-to-end fault-proof connectivity. It all starts with a physician’s prescription of physiologic monitoring devices, services, and prescription medications.

  • We then provision and train the patient on the correct usage of the device
  • Coupled with ongoing education and actionable content delivered by providers and third party experts, in a one-on-one or social-group setting.
  • This combination provides continuous data-driven early-action alerts that drives big-data analysis needed by providers and the health ecosystem for better outcomes.
  • These solutions are intertwined together through online and mobile communications capabilities.
  • Engagement is customized with our scalable precision-oriented call-center clinical-support network.