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Advanced Care Planning

In each of our journeys of life, we all walk through many seasons, such as times of joy, times of laughter, times of planting, times to heal, and times to prepare for the future.

Advanced Care Planning Guide

Each of us here at Kerna Health is living this journey along with the patients. It is our goal to provide for our patients’ health and well-being, assisting all patients in providing the most conscientious care for their families’ futures.

Advanced Care Management

One of our care team members will assist patients and their loved ones in providing peace-of-mind solutions in patient health desires, health care preferences, and life-sustaining wishes in the event of life-threatening illness or injury.

Communicating and documenting patient wishes is a dynamic and much-needed gift to family and friends.  As part of the Medicare annual wellness visit, healthcare providers are available to assist patients with personal desires in the event that patients are unable to speak for themselves. This service is provided with no out-of-pocket cost.

More About Advanced Care Planning

The Kerna Health Advance Care Planning program allows patients and clinicians a more efficient way to connect and share information as it relates to the monitoring of chronic patient health conditions. Contact Kerna Health today to arrange a demonstration of our end-to-end Advance Care Planning Program.

We are here to serve the entire healthcare community through our virtual care solution. By supporting the patient as well as the community around the patient, we will