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Kerna Health

Advanced Technology to Bring Patient Care into the 21st Century







Our Platform and Services Designed from Ground-up for Connected Care

Our digital health platform offers personalized care, accessible anytime anywhere, focused on outcomes, prevention – and even a user experience to break the loneliness of chronic disease. And all, while lowering costs.

Kerna Covers All needs you in medical managment

patient and family

primary care and specialty providers

pharmacy and medication management

home health
and transitional care

hospital stays and discharge

the payer ecosystem.

Ultimately even AI analytics for therapeutics and drug development.

home health
and transitional care

Kerna is an A-Z advanced technology based Digital Connected Care platform

Is an A-Z advanced technology platform that starts with automatic cellular updates of daily patient readings from monitoring devices. Manages health protocols and workflows. Includes clinical and call-center support for proactive physician action. And it’s all delivered solely by Kerna without extra time, staff, or cost by the care providers offering these digital health services to their patients.

Our Clients Are Thought Leaders and Partners

With the Intelligent Healthcare Platform controlling our answers, we’re helping our clients tackle probably the greatest difficulties in medical services with expanded joint effort, viable development, and critical thinking at scale.