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Our difference commitment to thought leadership and strong vision

Our digital health products and services differ from simple and standard baseline apps like RPM, CCM, and other such products, because of our commitment to thought leadership and to a strong vision that can add meaningful value to 21st Century healthcare and patient outcomes.

Is for a self-evolving deep-technology platform architecture to support product features/functions, lines of service, and commitment driven by some simple observations.

First, post-Covid, it is both possible and necessary to address the larger problem that providers, patients, and the healthcare ecosystem has. Simple RPM-type apps are not enough.

Secondly, the technology now exists for that -and for moving toward “value-driven” and “more-hospital-at-home” healthcare modalities.

But such a rich digital connected care technology platform, products, services, and support require correct definition of the larger problem and goal. Also requires deep technology knowhow and access. And passion, staying power, and financial and resource commitment. All that’s in our DNA.

Right problem to address: Utility like delivery & lights out operation

Digital Connected Health services, and the technologies enabling them, should and can now work and be usable like a provider’s telephone system or office electricity.

This means just turning them on. The care provider should only need to advise patients of the digital health insurance-funded services available. Then pass the job on to Kerna to turn on the service like a utility – electricity or telephone – as soon as Kerna obtains patient approval and delivers the monitoring devices and training.

Principles of our digital health platform design

The Kerna digital health software platform is organized around key architecture and development principles and goals.

Built-in Full Inter-connectedness – with security and privacy – from monitoring device – to the online platform – to mobile apps – to the communications and telehealth infrastructure – to the Kerna clinical call center and supporting supervising Dr and health content management and administration network – to patient’s health stakeholder support network, other care providers, family, etc – to the payer. And ultimately to EHR and data stores

Scalability, Intelligence, AI Based Analytics

Built-in high availability and scalability – data-driven AI analytics – actionable automatic alerts and escalation protocols – for better outcomes. All while lowering total healthcare costs – while increasing revenues and profitability of care providers and having more time to focus on patient health. And developing analytics and intelligence for more effective future therapeutics and drugs

Up To The Mark Disease Management System

And finally a built-in capability for disease management workflow change and malleability without re-engineering the platform – to adapt to changes in health protocols, healthcare and payer ecosystems and patient lifestyles.