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Annual Wellness Visit - Kerna Health

Annual Wellness Visit

Annual Wellness Guide

The Annual Wellness Visit is a yearly appointment to create or update a personalized prevention plan for patients.

This plan may help prevent illness based on the patient’s current health and risk factors. Our scheduling department reviews the provider’s visit schedule and sends the patient list to our verification department, who confirms patient eligibility for services.

Annual Wellness Management

Our clinical staff is then scheduled to contact patients by phone a few days ahead of their scheduled E/M visit. During the call, our staff completes a Health Risk Assessment, discusses care needs, establishes goals, and provides education related to the management of the patient’s chronic condition(s).

The Health Risk Assessment identifies and documents gaps in care, any needed adjustments to the risk profile to support the patient in closing any gaps and assistance with managing the risk to improve patient outcomes. Our Wellness Nurse documents all findings and uploads them to the patient’s chart in the provider’s EMR and sends an Annual Wellness Guide and Checklist to the appropriate provider or designated staff in support of completing the Annual Wellness Visit at the patient’s next office visit.