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Long-Term Care

Kerna Health provides an end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring program designed to drive patient compliance and reduce hospitalizations. Providers can utilize the Kerna Health platform to proactively monitor chronic conditions for their patients in Long Term Care facilities

The Kerna Health platform provides an enterprise solution including Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Management, and Wound Care Improvement programs for your facilities to enhance the clinical care that your patients receive. Our platform delivers real-time data to your medical providers to quickly react to changes in conditions. We can work with your discharged patients to assist them in achieving improved outcomes through our Transitional Care Program.


Powerful, online, and state-of-the-art software platform

Kerna’s platform is connected with a personal-touch clinical staff network.

Our proprietary virtual care platform provides unique and scalable end-to-end fault-proof connectivity. It starts with a physician’s prescription of physiologic monitoring devices, services, and drugs.

Moves on to provisioning them to a patient on an as-needed basis.

Couples it with ongoing education and actionable content delivered by providers and third-party experts, in one-on-one or social-group settings.

Adds continuous data-driven early-action alerts, plus big-data analysis needed by providers and the health ecosystem for better outcomes.

And all of it is tied together through online and mobile communications capabilities of the Kerna platform in a way that also engages a scalable precision-oriented call-center clinical-support network