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Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Guide

Chronic Care Management is a holistic approach to managing patients with one or more chronic conditions. Our clinical staff contacts patients monthly to discuss their acute care needs, medication adherence, and compliance to their physician’s care plan. During the Chronic Care Management encounter, our staff reviews goals and assesses outcomes related to the patient’s self-care and management of their chronic condition(s). Our clinical staff then assists with care coordination activities to support the patient and is available by phone throughout the month to support the patient.

Chronic Care Management

Kerna Health can assist patients and healthcare providers with the management of Chronic Care Management programs.

Coordination of care between pharmacy, specialists, testing centers, hospitals and more.

Customized platform designed for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.

Expert assistance with setting and meeting health goals.

Assistance with determining patient eligibility

More About The Chronic Care Program

Any significant findings are reported back to the provider.

All information and interactions with the patient are documented and uploaded into the patient’s chart in the provider’s EMR.

Kerna Health provides reports to support billing and reimbursement.

Health goals and objectives can be customized for each provider.