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Behavioral Health And Collaborative Care Management - Kerna Health

Behavioral Health and Collaborative Care Management

Behavioral Health

The goal for Kerna Health is to provide better care and health for the whole person. Our blended care for the whole person not only includes care for the physical health of an individual, but for life stressors and crises, stress-related physical symptoms, and health behaviors because behavioral health conditions often affect medical illnesses.

Kerna Health provides a turnkey Behavioral Health Integration support solution that combines software and care-coordination services to help practices meet the complex requirements of Medicare’s Behavioral Health Integration program. Acting as an extension of the medical practice, we deliver enhanced levels of care for high-risk and high-need patients.

With Kerna Health’s efficient onboarding process, we can commence Behavioral Health Integration services in less than two weeks. From obtaining patient data to the customization of each individual care protocol, Kerna Health can assist the practice’s unique approach to care management for both medical and behavioral health factors, thus better coordinating care and communication, while working toward one set of overall health goals.

Kerna Health can assist patients and healthcare providers with the management of Behavioral Health Integration programs.

Service components that assist the primary care team with identification and scheduling initial consultation.

Customized platform designed for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.

Access to a team of Care Center professionals specially trained in all aspects of Behavioral Health Integration.

Assistance with determining patient eligibility

Collaborative Care Management

Our clinical staff contacts patients monthly to assess and manage behavioral health needs by tracking patient follow-up and progress with appropriate documentation in the provider’s EMR. Services include the administration of validated rating scales and behavioral health care planning in relation to the patient’s behavioral/psychiatric health problems.

Collaborative Care Management also includes revision for patients who are not progressing or whose statuses change, provision for brief psychosocial interventions, and ongoing collaboration with the billing practitioner, all in consultation with the psychiatric consultant.  Services for patients with a history of substance abuse will include relapse prevention planning as they achieve remission of symptoms and/or other treatment goals.

Patients are prepared for discharge from active treatment services to include a continuous relationship with Kerna Health and a collaborative, integrated relationship with the rest of the care team. If recommended by the psychiatric consultant, the treatment plan may be modified as needed to include medications. Any significant findings are reported back to the provider and all information and interactions with the patient are documented and uploaded into the patient’s chart in the provider’s EMR. Kerna Health provides reports to support billing and reimbursement.