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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Guide

Remote patient monitoring is the daily monitoring of physiologic measurements associated with chronic disease management. Remote Patient Monitoring provides real-time alerts for measurements outside of provider-established protocols. Patients are provided with Cellular monitoring devices best suited to their chronic condition(s).

Remote Patient Monitoring Management

Kerna Health can assist patients and healthcare providers with the management of Remote Patient Monitoring programs.

Connected glucose meter, blood pressure cuff and weight scales that are delivered directly to the patient’s door.

Customized platform designed for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.

Access to a team of Care Center professionals specially trained in all aspects of Remote Patient Monitoring.

Assistance with determining patient eligibility.

Patient physiological data is monitored daily during business hours (portal and App are available to providers and patients 24/7).

Alerts are set up for patients who fall outside of the defined measurement parameters. If an alert is triggered, the provider or a staff member designated by the provider will receive the alert by the communication method of the patient’s choice (text, email, etc). Our staff will communicate with the provider to review any alerts received that day.

More About Remote Patient Monitoring Program

Our staff is also available to contact the patient to confirm and validate alerts. Monthly reports on activity and trends are sent to the provider and can be uploaded to the patient’s chart in the practice’s EMR. Kerna Health provides customizable reports to support billing and reimbursement.

All of the data collected is fully auditable, meaning you will never have to worry about real-time access to any requested information related to a billable event.