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Enhanced Personal Care for Patients

When all who care for a patient get on the same page, the level of care improves drastically. Patient outcomes become better since the patient in effect gets highly personalized care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM provides real-time alerts for measurements outside of provider-established parameters. Patients are provided with monitoring devices best suited to their chronic condition(s).

Chronic Care Management

Our clinical staff contacts patients monthly to discuss their acute care needs. Medication adherence, and compliance to their physician’s care plan. During the CCM encounter, our staff reviews goals and assesses outcomes related to the patient’s self-care and management of their chronic condition(s)

Behavioral Health -
Collaborative Care Management

Kerna Health is a turnkey Behavioral Health Integration support solution and CoCM that combines software and care coordination services to help practices meet the complex requirements of Medicare’s Behavioral Health Integration program

Annual Wellness Visit

The annual wellness visit is a yearly appointment to create or update a personalized prevention plan for patients. This plan may help prevent illness based on the patient’s current health and risk factors.

Wound Care

The foundational meaning of the word Kerna health is “healing” and wounds heal through proper monitoring and care. Our Wound Care nurses and experts provide guidance and encouragement to our patients who are suffering from wounds and similarly-related conditions